The Power of “NO”!

Many of us do not know how to say “No”. In life some people put others before they put themselves. This can cause a person to become stressed out and overwhelmed. It may even lead to depression. It’s harder to say “no” because “no” is associated with a negative feeling. It’s easier to always say “yes” and please people. No one wants someone else to dislike them or be mad at them because they said no. Pleasing others all the time can take a toll on a person’s personal life. We as people have to put ourselves first and that is not always easy. Saying “no” can build strength in us. To build the confidence we need to feel good about ourselves.

At GenPsych we can teach you the tools in therapy to be able to say “no” and build your self-confidence. If you or someone you know is feeling depressed this holiday season trying to make everyone happy around you call us today at 1-855-GenPsych or visit our website at

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