We are very proud to introduce you to the Internship Program at GenPsych PC! This program is designed to assist students in the internship phase of their professional experience and to provide a substantial educational component through the current internship opportunities. An additional component of the internship experience provided at GenPsych PC is the supportive and inclusive aspect of interns in the interaction and observation of staff in the daily and varied aspects of the professional role. GenPsych PC offers opportunities for an internship in various programs including: General Mental Health, Adolescent, Military, Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse/Dual Diagnosis and Detox programs. DBT tracks and Anxiety/Trauma tracks are also available to further personalize treatment for the specific needs of our clients, and these tracks are available for the internship training and experience as well. GenPsych PC interns will be provided with supervision hours as well as with various opportunities for direct and indirect contact with clients as per the recommendation of assigned supervisors. The Internship Program is designed to provide additional support and education in a professional and collegial environment to our interns and offers lectures/presentations on various topics related to group dynamics, approaches for the treatment of various populations, treatment modalities, and treatment structure.

For further information on internship opportunities and the Internship Program, please contact Aurora Clark, Ed.S, LPC, NCC, ACS at 609-403-6190, ext. 3148.