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The Halcyon Program by GenPsych

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The Halcyon Program by GenPsych is an all-inclusive substance abuse treatment track for those struggling with addiction.

We recognize that substance abuse can be incredibly difficult and stressful for an individual and their family, and we seek to make the journey to sobriety as simple as possible.

Our program is designed specifically for those seeking more intensive addiction care that covers multiple stages of the recovery process (from detox to outpatient care).

This daily, 30-day program utilizes skill-based therapies to ensure that our patients have the tools necessary to continue their recovery after treatment and enjoy life substance-free.

We know that recovery is best achieved through guided support, and we address all components of an individual’s addiction, including any co-occurring disorders.

*Available at our Brick and Bridgewater locations

Program Offerings

  • Transportation services available
  • Medication management
  • Outpatient detox available
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • DBT with 12-step integration
  • On-staff psychiatrist and substance abuse licensed therapists
  • Aftercare/discharge planning
  • *Local sober living available and recommended  

Levels of Care

The Halcyon Program is designed to meet individuals at each stage of recovery from detox to their transition out of treatment. We recognize that relapse occurs when there is a lack of continuity or consistency in care. By providing treatment programs for each level of recovery within a single, month-long track, we ensure complete and thorough care from beginning to end.

Patients will attend both individual and group counseling, while also meeting regularly with a provider.

* Ask about available sober living deals and options

Medically assisted detoxification is designed to help individuals cope with withdrawal symptoms and successfully eliminate harmful substances from the body. Not only are clients given medication and support under the care of our medical team, but they also receive therapeutic programming to learn more about their addiction, as well as relapse prevention skills to help manage and sustain their recovery.

Once an individual has successfully detoxed, they will continue therapeutic programming in both group and individual sessions. During this time, previously learned skills will be reinforced and expanded upon with a greater effort on understanding urges and coping with them moving forward. In addition to substance abuse skills, individuals will learn general mental health and life skills to give them the confidence and independence to live a fulfilling life substance-free.

The Halcyon Program recommends that individuals pursue sober living while enrolled in our intensive program. We are able to make referrals for those interested in this option.


Our substance abuse treatment is based upon Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and experiential therapy, while also incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and 12-step integration.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, combines cognitive thinking with Zen mindfulness. At the core of DBT is the idea of thinking and feeling in the present, a skill that helps individuals to cope with stressful situations, urges, and triggers.

Developing coping mechanisms through DBT is supplemented by acceptance of our stressors through ACT. It is important to recognize that urges and cravings are a part of recovery (and life) and that these situations need not be feared or avoided.

In ACT, you will go through exercises and value assessments to help you make healthy contact with negative feelings, patterns of thought, memories, or sensations that have been associated with your addiction. You will grow to accept and reduce the impact of these feelings and the stressors you encounter, and to transfer your acknowledged values into a life worth living despite pain.

While components of experiential therapy will be present in all therapy programs, the importance of applying your skills and accomplishments to your life outside of treatment is valuable enough to stand alone.

Experiential therapy will focus on self-care, life skills, and goal setting for your everyday life both in treatment and beyond. This therapy will provide you with the tools to tackle real world problems and experiences, while providing you with a better understanding of your identity without addiction.

Additional therapies may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12-step integration, and more. CBT challenges any negative feelings an individual may experience. These feelings may be at the root of their addiction, and make them feel the need to use.

Therapists may also tailor other groups to the 12 steps based upon a client’s openness to or background with them. Our therapy groups, specifically Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), are compatible with 12-step and AA programming, so as to ensure the continuity of care of our patients.