SilverGate Long Term Program

Silvergate Prep
  • Multiple locations in New Jersey
  • Medicaid Accepted

SilverGate Long Term Program

We understand the effects that school anxiety or social phobia can have when it comes to your child’s education. Our SLTP Team has created an environment where children feel both academically and therapeutically supported. Having the ability to advocate for your child’s district needs, as well as assist in IEP evaluations, families can feel fully supported by our team looking for long-term success.

At SLTP, we work closely with students to increase their academic achievement in grades, as well as continued therapeutic treatment. Our Adolescent Therapists use skill-based therapies while keeping families involved. We can help with your child’s academic advocacy including out-of-district placement, therapeutic school options, or residential placement.

  • Multiple locations in New Jersey
  • Medicaid Accepted

Call today for more information:

Marissa Hays
Clinical Director
(908)-545-9030 x6132


Alex Arnese
Executive Director of Educational Services
(908) 801-6700 x1

We maintain a team approach with the student’s sending district. Our program also includes a full schedule five days per week including:
  • Two hours of educational instruction per day
  • Group academic sessions to increase pro-social skills
  • Individual and group therapy sessions by a Licensed Adolescent Therapeutic Team
  • Weekly medication monitoring with our Providers
  • Monthly Family Sessions
  • Regular communication with the child’s district school
  • Ability to maintain students in a school-based setting while awaiting placement

We are IN NETWORK with most major medical insurances without a referral

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