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Levels of Care

Partial Hospitalization Intensive Outpatient

Often a step down from inpatient hospitalization. Our structured programming is offered 3-5 days per week. We teach patients how to manage and cope with symptoms of mental health and substance abuse concerns. Medication management, group therapy, individual sessions and family therapy are integrated to foster the best possible treatment outcome, and prevention of further inpatient hospitalization.

Enhanced Outpatient

Ideal for patients experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of mental health and/or substance abuse concerns. Continue working or attending school while obtaining comprehensive treatment with minimal disruption. Patients receive weekly individual therapy sessions. Specialized group therapy tracks provide additional still acquisition and peer support.  Medication management is provided biweekly for symptom relief and ongoing stabilization. Family therapy offered once a month to promote lasting change and overall wellness.


Lasting mental health stabilization and relapse prevention is our goal.  Ongoing medication management and/or therapy is key. Outpatient treatment is the least restrictive and longest lasting level of care. Patients achieve symptom maintenance with minimal disruption to their daily life.

At this time, all medication management and individual therapy sessions are being held on a remote basis via telehealth. Once we resume in person sessions you will have the option to attend in person or continue receiving outpatient treatment via telehealth.


Structured programming with Medicated-Assisted Treatment to help patients safely and comfortably withdraw from substances. Individual and group therapy is included.


Obtain treatment from the comfort of your own home. Remote delivery of outpatient treatment to maintain stability of symptoms (may include medication management and/or individual therapy).

Youth/Adolescent Programs

Our therapists have extensive knowledge in specifically designing individual treatment plans to help children (ages 8-12) and adolescents (ages 13-17).

Insurance Accepted

GenPsych makes payment options convenient and hassle-free. We accept most major medical insurance without a referral.

Locations in New Jersey

Jersey City

We Offer …

  • A comprehensive continuum of care from partial hospitalization to outpatient services
  • Appointments within one business day
  • Transportation, if qualified
  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations by board certified psychiatrists at select locations
  • Medication management and counseling
  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Aftercare planning and outpatient referrals upon discharge

Accredited by
The Joint Commission