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Silvergate Prep

Silvergate Prep: a partner & advocate in your child’s educational well-being

SilverGate Prep

Navigating through the school system is not easy. It can feel completely overwhelming to students as well as parents. Our goal is to provide the very best education to your child as they join GenPsych. We employ teachers with passion and commitment to providing students with the individualized attention they need to ensure students reach their full potential.

SILVERGATE PREP is a clinical agency approved through the New Jersey Department of Education that works in conjunction with your child’s school district to provide education while they are attending the GenPsych Adolescent Program (GAP).

Under the direction of Nannette Gargiulo, Senior Administration Manager of Educational Services, homebound instruction is provided to our adolescent clients right on-site at our GAP locations by New Jersey Certified Teachers. The good news is … we follow your child’s curriculum throughout the entire time to ensure they’ll be back on track upon their return to the classroom.

Feel free to connect with our Executive Director of Educational Services to discuss your child’s options:


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Silvergate Prep: a partner & advocate in your child’s educational well-being

Here’s How It Works:

Silvergate teachers reach out to your child’s school so instruction can begin quickly. Think of our instructors as your liaison. They remain in regular communication between your child and teachers and will:

  • Ensure full comprehension of subject matter
  • Send all completed work to the school
  • Compile weekly updates about academic accomplishments
  • Work comprehensively with the GAP team
  • Advocate for student’s academic needs

If you’ve been searching for answers with your child’s educational and behavioral needs, rest easy. You’ve found the right place.

Our Mission

The mission of GenPsych is to provide individuals in the community with effective and efficient mental health and substance abuse services in a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment.

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